Benefits of Misty Tree Coffee

We will be sharing more over on the blog; this will cover more in-depth benefits of coffee.  

Why we go through all this process. Low acidic profile, earthy natural coffee taste, very smooth on the pallet. These are the words that all of our customers have been using to describe our coffee. Not Bitter, bity or burnt.  But unbelievably SMOOTH.  I personally feel that is how coffee should taste.

This is gut friendly.  Less heartburn and upset stomach. Toxicity is minimum.

Natural caffeine is safe to consume in moderation. We have had customers report they are having less jitteriness from our coffee vs the conventional brands they were consuming. A more natural, enjoyable tasting coffee means less sugars and flavor additives you are putting in it to cover up the horrible bitter flavor. Unfortunately, creamers and flavored powders are chemically produced. Those that aren’t are so high in sugars. We are not saying you can’t add what you would like, just know what you are adding is for your health benefit.

With the lack of pesticides, chemicals being used, it allows the natural nutrients in coffee beans to be absorbed for our benefits.

Did you know that coffee has Antioxidants?

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Different studies have shown the benefits of coffee (in moderation of course).

American Cancer Institute:

Coffee Doesn’t Need to Carry a Cancer warning, Scientists say it Protects from Cancer - American Institute for Cancer Research (

 There are so many studies and research material out there. I do my best to use sources that are scientific based on creditable research institutes.