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  • Peru French Dark Roast Coffee Beans and Drip Brew Styles.  12 oz bags. Organic and Smooth taste.
  • Peru French Dark Roast Coffee Beans and Drip Brew Styles.  12 oz bags. Organic and Smooth taste.
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Misty Tree Coffee Company

Peru French

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Our Peru French comes in a dark roast. This comes from Peru as a single origin. 


It is perfect for those who love solid black coffee. This single origin brings new life to the party.  Delectable only begin to describe this one.  Cloaked in velvety, full flavor to get you through your day.  Rugged and bright all-in-one.  Low acidic and no bitterness.  It's like, how did I ever drink coffee before? 

Get the pot on and let's start a new day.

Buy 3 12 oz bags (you can mix and match) and get free shipping!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best coffee I've ever had.

On Scott's recommendation, I tried the Peru French coffee and couldn't be more pleased. I have bad reactions to highly acidic coffee, but really enjoy coffee. It is very full bodied, and not acidic at all. Would recommend to anyone.

Kristopher Leigh

The Peru French Roast was bold yet smooth, and not very tannic, which is a very good thing for myself, because of my reflux. Strong hints of Cacao, I would put it up against any of the Portland boutique coffees any day.

Juliana S.
Can't recommend it enough!

Absolutely the best coffee I ever tasted. So smooth and flavorful. Highly recommend!

Mario H.
No more heartburn!

I used to drink coffee when I was younger, but I have developed heartburn. I had to give it up. But when I learned there is low acid coffees, I found this one to be the best! Great flavor and easy on my stomach. I can now enjoy my coffee again! Thank you!

Mark T.
First Time purchase

I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor of the dark roast. It is the smoothest coffee I ever enjoyed and I love the low acidity. During a recent visit with my sister, she also enjoyed the flavor and low acidity. I look forward to my morning beverage and now anticipate it even more!